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brace_pain's Journal

brace pain
LET IT BE KNOWN!!! In EXACTLY 4 years from this date (12/21/02) i will take my own life with a sharpened knife + 1 truly wyld dog. On the day of December 20th 2006 i will make a most excellent mixxx tape consisting of the true sonic masterpiece "LIKE A PRAYER" by MADONNA on the other side will be "SHES LIKE THE WIND" by Patrick Swazye. I will bound a small cassette player to my waist with the cassette tape blasting and at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 21,2006 i will stab myself in the chest (not so deep that i die instantly) and allow the wyld dog to drag me into the wilderness ,never to be found. That,my friends will be the end,my only friend,the end...